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Punjabi jutti

Gifts are exchanged among loved ones as a symbol of love and the value of the other. There are many options to choose from when deciding on a gift for females. Jutti are one very thoughtful gift that is practical and beautiful at the same time. Read this article to know more about how Jutti can be an Ideal present for any occasion. 

What is Jutti? 

Jutti are Indian footwear. They are characterized by flat soles and pointy or round covering on the front feet. These Ethnic jutti are made primarily from leather. Often, different materials are incorporated to create different styles. They are known for appealing embroidery on them created by skilled craftsmen. 

Jutti are well-known by other names such as Punjabi Jutti, Women Mojaris, and Women’s Mules. Artisans of Rajasthan and Punjab are known for making these Jutti

Why Choose Jutti as an ideal present?

We often give presents to a person to give something that reminds them of you and is useful. Ethnic Shoes, such as Jutti Shoes, ticks off both of these marks.

There are many fancy and stylish footwear available in the market. Following are a few of the reason why Jutti is an ideal choice. 

Fashion and comfort go hand in hand:

Footwear is one of the components of fashion for women. There are many different styles of footwear to choose from. It can range from pointy high heels to comfy sneakers. 

Often, stylish footwear comes with a compromise on comfort. Jutti is the perfect balance of style and comfort. 

Jutti Shoes are well-known footwear that is popular not only for their style but also for their comfort. The royal designs of the Jutti are unique in style, intricate designs that can up your fashion game. 

The flat sole provides your feet the support in footing and is better for your heels. The material, design, embroidery and embellishments on the Jutti Shoes give a unique style. 

Ethnic jutti for every occasion:

Who doesn't love that ethnic vibe in their looks? The Jutti can be worn by anyone on any occasion. The Indian craftsman has diversified designs that can be ideal for various occasions and give your outfit that ethnic touch.

The design for the Women Mojaris can range from simple embroidery to complex settings of embellishments and embroidery. One can find what suits their need the best from the wide range of Jutti and Women’s Mules available at Kala India.

Whether you are looking for Bridal Jutti as a stylish yet comfortable bridal look or looking for Punjabi Jutti to go with your everyday outfit, Kala India has a product for you. 

Supporting the Indian Craftsmen

The Jutti Shoes are one of the traditional Indian footwear handcrafted in the country for centuries. The art of the Indian Craftsmen making these Mojari for Women or Women’s Mules is impeccable. 

The Indian Craftsmen craft these shoes from scratch and a day's worth of hard work. Punjabi Jutti or Mules are thoughtful gifts as well as support our local craftsmen.

Something that is your remembrance

Jutti can be easily incorporated into day-to-day life. It can be a good gift that can be very useful on various occasions and thus also remind them of you. 

Why choose Kala India to buy Jutti and Mules?

Kala India is an Indian company dedicated to providing you with carefully curated Jutti Shoes with ease. The company is managed by Gampa Sisters. The sisters established the company because of their love for Indian Handicrafts and Jutti and reviving the use of Jutti on special occasions as well as everyday use. 

Following are a few reasons for choosing Kala India for your next Jutti purchase:

  • At Kala India, you can find Jutti, Women’s Mules, and Mojari for Women made from quality material and by skilled artisans. 
  • There is a wide range of shoes to choose from. They provide you with collections differing based on the theme of designs. One can find casual Jutti as well as bridal Jutti
  • Kala India provides their products in domestic as well as international markets. They provide free delivery in the domestic market and charge shipping charges for international delivery. 
  • They have a 7-day return policy with few conditions apply. 

Presents are given to strengthen your relationships. While selecting gifts for women or girls, Jutti can be an amazing and practical gift that could be useful to them. Jutti Shoes are traditional Indian footwear crafted by highly skilled artisans. It is fashionable and comfortable footwear that is versatile in style. One can fit these Jutti Shoes with the outfit of their choice on various occasions. You can find Jutti shoes of your choice at Kala India.