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Sounds of Forest

Explore Forest Juttis' Entraging Sound 

Embrace the captivating Sound of Forest wedding jutti collection from Kala India to fully immerse yourself in the captivating charm of the forest. Each piece of footwear in this line captures the quiet tones and unspoiled beauty of the woods, adding a sense of serenity and elegance to your footwear collection. 

Let's explore the stunning designs and enthralling world of Sound of Forest juttis. 

Ivory Dreams: The Sound of woodland collection's Ivory Dreams jutti captures the ethereal splendour of the woodland. These white punjabi juttis are the ideal option for people looking for a hint of understated elegance because of their elaborate patterns that resemble leaves and floral motifs.

Enchanting Mist: The Enchanting Mist embroidered jutti will transport you into the magical world of the forest. This design reflects the fascination of mist-covered woodlands with its delicate thread work in foggy blues and greens. The delicate needlework, which has the appearance of fog wisps and dewdrops, gives your outfit a whimsical touch and makes it suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear.

Elephant Whisperer: Wear the Elephant Whisperer jutti shoes to embrace the majestic presence of the wild.  It is a statement item for any event because of the fine stitching and attention to detail that show the profound bond between nature and its amazing creatures.

Twiga & Tembo: The Twiga & Tembo women mojaris will let the grace and splendour of African animals follow your every step.  The complex stitching and vivid colours make these beautiful animals to life, enabling you to elegantly show your appreciation of wildlife and environment.

Winding Wilderness: Take a trip through the forest's luxuriant greenery wearing the Winding Wilderness bridal jutti designs. The intricate needlework and vibrant colour combinations produce an alluring pattern that seamlessly matches both traditional and modern attire.

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You can immerse yourself in the enthralling world of nature's sounds thanks to Kala India's Sound of Forest punjabi jutti for girls collection, which includes the gorgeous designs of Ivory Dreams, Enchanting Mist, Elephant Whisperer, Twiga & Tembo, and Winding Wilderness. Each jutti exhibits painstaking craftsmanship, elaborate stitching, and a beautiful combination of colours that capture the grace and peace of the forest. Juttis from Sound of Forest transport you to a magical realm filled with alluring designs to carry you away to the peace of nature.