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Discover About the art of making Handmade Juttis by kala india

We appreciate the rich tradition and fine craftsmanship of handmade jutti at Kala India Jutti House. As we present a gorgeous variety of elaborately made punjabi jutti for girls that will elevate your fashion statement, enter a realm where classic elegance meets contemporary flair.

Take Advantage of Handcrafted Luxury

At Kala India Jutti House, each pair of wedding jutti is painstakingly handcrafted by knowledgeable craftspeople who have perfected the trade of crafting footwear with accuracy and enthusiasm. 

To provide our customers with the highest level of quality and comfort, we only utilise premium materials, such as supple leather jutti, vivid textiles, and eye-catching decorations.

Put Your Style Into Action with Versatile Designs

Every style and occasion can be accommodated by the large selection of women mojaris in our extensive assortment. 

Presenting Our New Best-Selling Women's Mules Collection

We are excited to showcase our newest line of punjabi juttis for women and mules, which includes a variety of eye-catching styles that are sure to draw attention. Our most recent additions exhibit the ideal fusion of traditional elegance and modern flair, making them the ideal option for fashion fans.

  1. Unveiling Her: These jutti shoes  and mules, which are inspired by elegance and grace, have delicate patterns, beautiful stitching, and soft pastel colours that perfectly capture the spirit of feminine beauty.
  1. Vrindavan Tales: These bridal jutti designs and mules are embellished with vivid hues, elaborate decorations, and conventional motifs, representing the richness and brightness of .
  1. Sounds of Forest: Let the lovely "Sounds of Forest" collection sweep you away which emits a sense of harmony and peace that lets you appreciate nature wherever you go.
  1. Make a striking statement with our "Khwahish" collection, says Khwahish. With its eye-catching designs, metallic accents, and elaborate workmanship, these embroidered juttis and mules will instantly elevate any look.
  1. Suraj Mukhi: Bright, energetic colours mirror the warmth and vitality of the sun on these juttis and mules, while elaborate patterns and decorations lend an air of sophistication.

Discover our wide selection of juttis and mules, divided into the Kala Basic, Floral Edit, and , Wedding Edit, and Kala Luxe. The Kala Basic line features timeless styles in traditional hues that are ideal for daily wear. 

Discover the ideal pair of mojari for women and mules from our new collection of top sellers to boost your look and leave a memorable impression. With the highest care and attention to detail, each piece is made, guaranteeing both comfort and style. Accept the elegance and artistry of handcrafted shoes and treat your feet to luxury and beauty.

Discover Unparalleled Customer Service

Our first goal is making sure you are happy. Whether you need assistance choosing the ideal rajasthani mojari for a girl or have any concerns about our products, our helpful and professional customer service team is always available to help. From exploring our inventory to receiving your handcrafted juttis at your door, we want to offer a flawless shopping experience.

Start your Adventure with the Elegant Kala india Jutti House

Enjoy the enduring attraction of designer punjabi juttis, and your sense of elegance will soar. Experience the luxury of having a pair of kala india Juttis by perusing our selection, letting yourself be swept up in the elegance of our creations. Join us as we celebrate the creativity and elegance of vintage shoes that have been created with care, passion, and a dash of contemporary style.