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Our Story

Kala is a way of re-defining comfort, luxury and elegance for inspiring women in today's world. We constantly strive for creativity, originality and beauty in every piece we create. Handcrafted by India's finest artisans, Kala presents a collection of stunning juttis that embody the timeless craftsmanship. Founded by the Gampa sisters, driven by their love for traditional handicrafts and a passionate desire to revive the jutti, Kala artfully merges the elegance of ancient royal styles with innovative designs and intricate embroidery patterns and surface.

Kala is the distinct endeavour of Shweta and Megha who have truly carved a niche for themselves in premium ethnic footwear, and are collectively called “The Gampa Sisters”.The founder duo always had a dream to create their own identity and take their creations to the world to admire and fall in love with.They’ve set foot to cross milestones in the fashion accessories domain, and make Kala’s footprint grace every important occasion with one-of-a-kind juttis, because every step matters!

The Mother of all inspirations!

The Mother of all inspirations!Introducing the epitome of inspiration itself! As the driving force behind our bold entrepreneurial journey, we, "The Gampa Sisters," proudly embrace our unique identity. With the eternal blessings of our beloved mother, Shashikala, Kala was conceived to offer something truly extraordinary. Derived from the name of our loving mother, Kala means "art" in Sanskrit, symbolizing our deep-rooted passion. Her unwavering support and resolute spirit serve as our foundation, infusing us with courage and resilience. This profound dedication fuels our mission to create designer footwear that embodies impeccable style, complementing your wardrobe for those significant moments and cherished memories.


At Kala, each exquisite pair of footwear is meticulously handcrafted by India's finest artisans. Our team of skilled craftsmen ensures unparalleled quality and perfection in every creation. Every product is designed with layers of processes that move from sketching to packaging. Our experts examine every intricate detail, ensuring flawlessness before reaching the final packaging. Inspired by nature and empowered by compelling narratives, every collection celebrates femininity. Experience the essence of our brand, where craftsmanship and elegance intertwine.