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Wedding Wonders: Step in Style with Chic Juttis for the big day

Wedding season is your time to let your inner desi girl shine bright. While you might have the perfect Indian ethnic dress ready, never forget the footwear. The perfect ethnic shoes for your outfit with the designer punjabi jutti

Footwear fantasies come to life:

This wedding season, let your persona shine. From head to toe, style to satiate your inner desi kudi avatar. Footwear can make or break the day for you. While style is an essential factor to think about, ignoring comfort is not an option. Especially so when you have to dance your heart out. 

Elevate the beauty of your outfit with a punjabi jutti for ladies available at Kala India. Ethnic shoes made of leather and intricate designs made by our skilled artisans make the perfect match for the special day of celebrations. 

Embroidered Elegance

Embroidery has been of the ancient arts loved for ages. We incorporate the same in designing embroidered jutti with delicate designs. These are the perfect match when you want to keep it simple and sweet. 

The embroidered jutti strikes the perfect balance of sober and drama. For all the girls preferring to go for the elegant avatar, these designer punjabi juttis are the best choice. The leather Jutti matched the colorful fabric of the Jutti, decorated with colorful threads and embellishment is the embodiment of simple elegance. 

Beauty and Beads

What can be more beautiful than an intricate design of threads combined with beads adorning it? Artisans incorporate small beads and pearls to elevate the impact of the design of the punjabi jutti

Beads are the perfect way of adding a dramatic element to the jutti with elegance. It could be perfect for bridal jutti to make you shine bright on your special day. The intricate mix of threads and beads in a compelling design makes a match for ethnic shoes

The design is carefully curated to express different messages. These are differentiated in the form of collections on our website. Check out our collection now to find your perfect fit. 

Embellishments that shine

Designer punjabi juttis are all about embellishments to meet the dramatic aesthetics. It matches up with the dazzling outfit you are flaunting at the function. The design, accompanied by embellishments, blends perfectly with the vibe of ethnic shoe aesthetics. 

Everyone’s sole mate!

The Punjabi jutti is the perfect sole mate for every girl looking for ethnic shoes. The sweet balance of fashion and comfort is made of leather, fabrics, coloring threads, and embellishments. 

For the brides

The most important day of your life has to be perfect. Footwear is essential on the day to meet your fashion needs. You need to shine differently, it's your day after all. While your outfit will shine the brightest, a bridal jutti will elevate your beauty two folds. 

Style and comfort:

You need to be on your best footing on a special day. Enjoy the as much as your guest will. While sneakers are comfortable, aesthetics are crucial. It's where the punjabi jutti for ladies presents as the knight in shining armor. 

They satiate your ethnic shoes needs and provide comfort to your feet. Break the floor and not your feet with the bridal jutti

For all the ladies

A desi girl avatar will help you achieve a gorgeous look at the festive function. Whether you want to embody your dramatic vibe or express your elegance, designer punjabi jutti are the footwear for you. 

The embroidered jutti could complement your lehenga choli or the kurti set you to choose from. Style the outfit with a few statement jewelry pieces, and you have a perfect chic desi girl look ready. 

A jutti clad with beads and embellishment could add a dramatic factor to your overall look. It could stir the perfect balance of bold elegance. Play with your hair and jewelry to elevate the look. 

The scope of these punjabi jutti is not limited to weddings. One can wear these juttis to any festive function and rock it with your desi avatar. 

Whether you are the bride or attending a wedding, juttis are your perfect companion. The designer punjabi jutti fits perfectly in the comfort fashion category. The flat leather sole provides the best comfort to your feet, and the intricate designs on the front and sides satiate your aesthetic needs. Embroidered jutti or embellishment studded juttis can fit the aesthetics of festive function well. 

Check out Kala India’s collection of punjabi juttis for ladies carefully made by our skilled artisans with utmost focus. Let your inner fashionista shine bright!