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Traditional Juttis: Comfort, Elegance, and Sophistication at Par

In this Western era, a pair of punjabi jutti still rules the hearts of many. The ancient Indian footwear has been a staple for festive seasons. But, the beauty of leather jutti shouldn’t be limited to festive occasions. Embody the chic, comfortable desi girl avatar with casual jutti to wear daily. 

Footwear is one of the most crucial fashion essentials. Whatever the occasion may be, footwear is to be considered crucial. It not only provides comfort and protection, but it also adds to your value and image. Women’s mules and Juttis are stapled ethnic shoes chosen by women overages.

We at Kala India understand the emotions and work dedicatedly to meeting the demands of our customers. We ensure to revive the trend of these traditional wonders throughout the world. 

Juttis: Handmade wonder

Jutti is an Indian footwear worn by people since ancient times. The idea of Jutti originated from the mojaris worn by the wealthiest of the people. Over time, the designs became simpler and accessible for everyone. 

Leather juttis are handmade by skilled artisans with an attention to detail. Characteristics of the punjabi jutti are flat soles, rounded and covered fronts, and intricate designs embroidered on them. 

Work of art:

Art has been one of the most explored and appreciated parts of Indian history. Jutti is one such work of art appreciated since ancient times to present royalty and sophistication while being comfortable. 

A Patiala punjabi jutti or mojari for girls are work of art made by artisans. It includes carefully designing the sketch and making the design come to life in the form of ethnic shoes. The leather is molded into the desired Jutti style by skilled artisans with years of experience. 

Compelling Designs

The intricate designs are based on nature elevating the beauty of this footwear. The element of nature like flowers, scenery, and ancient tales, adorn the front of the punjabi jutti. All this contributes to creating the most eye catchy and compelling designs. 

Comfort at your feet

The origin of the juttis goes back to ancient times. Juttis were intended for the royals to make fashionable footwear comfortable to carry out their responsibility. 

The flat feet and leather material make it comfortable to wear daily or even slay the show at a festive function. The rounded front feet of the footwear provide comfort and warmth to the feet. The design of the jutti satiates the attraction factors of the footwear. 

Juttis fit you right!

Leather juttis are versatile in fashion and fit like the last piece of the puzzle on most occasions. They provide you with comfort and meet the fashion factor with intricate designs. 

Formal Normal

Formal occasion calls for the utmost elegance and bold avatar. How you are perceived has been impacted by your appearance. Keep your best foot forward with a strong persona backed by skills. 

Opt for embroidered jutti or women’s mules that bring elegance to the front. The simplistic designs carefully transferred on the handmade represent a chic and classy persona. 

Festive Wonders:

Festive events call for you to let the desi girl shine. What better than a pair of Patiala punjabi jutti to complement your outfit? Whether you want to add dramatics to the overall look or balance the subtleness of it, Jutti is your perfect companion.

The embroidered jutti or leather jutti studded with embellishments is just what you need to jazz up your festive season look.  

Casual Chic:

For girls who love Indian fashion, ethnic shoes are a must. Leather jutti or mojari for girls are their perfect companions to embody their desi girl avatar.  

It could be the perfect way of adding that desi tadka to your overall Western look. It could mix well with your desi avatar outfit you want to flaunt. It is subtle yet the most dramatic footwear to wear. 

Jutti is a staple of ethnic shoes for women. Whether for a formal event, a festive, or casual everyday footwear, black punjabi jutti could meet your needs well. It is an Indian handmade wonder raising standards around the world. 

Find the most intricate designs for punjabi juttis here at Kala India. We provide the best quality juttis produced by our team of skilled artisans from scratch. We follow a rigorous process of making and packing your order because every step matters.