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Embroidered Footwear: Enriching Elegance with Intricate Patterns

If elegance is your charm, leather jutti can be your go-to footwear for comfort and style. A punjabi jutti adorned with intricate embroidery designs and embellishment deserves a place in your closet. For all those who love an ethnic touch in your outfits, formal, festive, or casual, a Jutti might be your perfect solution. 

Embroidery: An ancient thread art

Embroidery has been a sophisticated thread art popular since ancient times. Embroidering is the process of using a needle and colored threads to stitch on a piece of fabric. The art of embroidery is utilized in creating intricate designs on fabric for various purposes.

The ancient embroidery is a sight to the sore eyes, handmade by artisans with attention to detail. The wonders of nature were a great inspiration for the embroidery designs. It includes floral patterns, animal patterns, geometric shapes, and more. 

It is resurging with a bang in the fashion industry, taking under wings the ethnic shoes. Embroidered juttis, satiating fashion needs in style and comfort, are footwear that elegantly fits the desi kudi avatar.

Embrace the art of Embroidery: The Ethinci shoe edition!

The footwear industry for women is like a maze of wonders. The designs, patterns, materials, and style may make you dizzy. When looking for chic, sophisticated footwear that is easy on your feet, embroidered jutti is your knight in embroidered armor.  

At Kala India, we work to revive the ancient craftsman of the nation and bring them to the eyes of the world. We have delicately incorporated the art of embroidery into the leather jutti made by our skilled artisans. 

Following is our stunning collection of jutti and mojari for women that can blend well into your closet to meet the elegance check. 

Unveiling her

Footwear adorned with delicate embellishments and pearls is all you need for a festive event. The embellishments are carefully hand-crafted on the juttis with embroidery. These juttis make a perfect element to give an elegant touch to your festive avatar. It could jazz up your chic lehenga or Kurta set. 

Pear studded bridal jutti crafted with embroidery style are perfect comfy footwear to accompany you on your big day. The flat sole lets you enjoy your big day without compromising style. Let your elegance shine bright by embracing embroidery in your overall outfit. 

Vrindavan Tales

The collection is based on the sweet tales of Vrindavan. The designs focus on indulging the wonders of nature such as flowers, birds, and architecture. 

The intricate designs are embroidered with zari work or ari embroidery to elevate the elegant aesthetics of the shoes. Our white punjabi jutti, created by an artisan with ari embroidery, fits right on any occasion. 

This mojari for women can convey the value of traditions. It is because the designs are created to give the essence of lord Krishna, delicate yet catchy. It could be a perfect fit for your events that need you to showcase your desi avatar. 

Sounds of Forest

This collection is a little surprise corner for all the women wanting a modern touch to the traditional Juttis. The mules of this collection are designed to be worn in formal settings or embracing elegant designs in everyday outfits. 

These women’s mules are adorned with embroidery patterns and prints inspired by the beauty of wildlife. 


A marvelous collaboration of traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary styles. It is a mojari for women that could be worn daily to add ethnic aesthetics to their outfits or at a festive event. 

The chic designs fit the modern aesthetics well and balance the ethnic vibes. The embroidered floral design gives the perfect balance of elegance and bold designs. Your perfect companion on casual days and family functions. 

Suraj Mukhi

Embrace the floral embroidery on a punjabi jutti for all the elegance enthusiasts. The delicate pattern is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans. The designs embrace the elegance of sunflowers. 

This collection is designed to suit the versatility of your fashion sense. Whether paired with a modern style or embodying traditional apparel, a pair of leather jutti could balance your outfit. 

At Kala India, we appreciate the ancient art of India. We want to embark on the global market with our traditional art with a modern twist. Embroidered Jutti making is a skilled craftsman of creative thread art of embroidery on footwear. Our collections are made by incorporating embroidery in the design mix. Find your fit, embodying the elegance of traditional embroidery now.