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7 Festive Juttis: Adorning Your Festive Attire With Charm

A pair of ethnic shoes is your perfect partner for a traditional festive event. Whether it is a festive celebration, wedding, or a family greeting, step up with your fashion game and let your inner diva shine. Following are a few stunning mojari for women from our charming collection at Kala India. 

Fearless Spark 

Let's start with the bold design of Fearless Sparkle. A dazzling gold patiala punjabi jutti for the ladies to embody the grace and power they behold. It is an edgy jutti adorned with sparkling gold embellishments of sequence, beads, and kardana. The intricate arrangement of these embellishments makes you stand out with your charming attire. 

The leather jutti with double cushion gives the utmost comfort to your heels while the cotton upper fabric makes the perfect base for the embellishments to shine. Opting for slightly bolder makeup and proper hairstyling makes the perfect partner to let your inner diva shine. 

Radiant Spirit

Radiant Spirit is a that is the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. The jutti is covered with Silk Velvet adorned with charming embellishments to make it more chic and classy. The designer jutti is covered with momiya moti, a delicate flower topped with emerald stones. The pattern of these moti and floral embellishments make the perfect blend to make this jutti embodiment of elegance. 

These are the perfect bridal jutti to wear on your wedding day to have comfy yet chic footwear to go with the charm of your wedding day outfit. 


Nur is a jutti for those who prefer minimal fashion that speaks their personality the best. Nur is a Black Punjabi Jutti covered with black velvet material to provide the most comfort along with the double cushion in the sole. The Golden Zardozi work along with the red sequence stitched on the jutti in an entrancing pattern makes it beautiful. It is a perfect pair of jutti to add to your minimalist fashion accessories collection. 

Even if you love the bling and dramatic aesthetics, you can pair these jutti with your attire to balance it and let your stunning dress shine. 


This stunning jutti, Bravery, is perfect as a Wedding Jutti with the vibrant color choice and intricate arrangement of kardana, zardosi work, and flora embellishments. The elegance and power this jutti exudes are empowered by the delicate beads and flowers with gems. The silk velvet covering the top of the jutti elevates the visual impact of the intricate pattern of the embellishments. 

This jutti is subtle yet dramatic, truly elegant and classy. It does justice to be called bravery that you behold. Adorn the beauty of your attire with this beauty. 


Khushbu is a leather jutti adorning the beauty of nature depicting the blooms of the spring. The vibrant colors of the floral print on the Croma Silk add to the charm of this jutti. To make it more enticing the jutti is adorned with sequins with zari work of varying patterns and colors. All the elements have this combined synergy that makes them embody elegance and vibrant energy to go well with your festive attire. 


Minimalistic design with bold aesthetics perfectly describes our Tara, a designer punjabi jutti. The stand-out point for this jutti is the floral embroidery work and the unique embellishments stitched on the raw silk material covering the leather jutti. The double cushion elevates its comfort factors. The vibrant yellow color adds to the aesthetics of this minimal jutti to make it fit right into your wardrobe. 

They make the perfect pair of juttis for your festive attire as an element that balances out the bling of your outfit and also contributes to making it more captivating. 


This Patiala Punjabi Jutti is truly shandaar to justify its name. The navy blue crepe fabric makes the perfect base for the intricate arrangement of embroidery, zari, embellishments, dabka, beads, and more. This jutti is truly an art created by skilled craftsmen curated carefully. The Aztec pattern adorning the jutti makes them regal and classy. 

The embroidery of is an intricate pattern with varying styles and stitches making them alluring. The golden thread embroidered on the base makes it even more enticing along with the golden embellishments and sequences.