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Why Juttis Make An Ideal Choice For Gifting?

Gifts are a way to build relationships and show devotion to your loved ones. Selecting an attentive gift your loved ones like or need shows that you like them and pay attention to what they love. One such thoughtful and creative gift could be a pair of Jutti shoes

Jutti Shoes: The Fashion Basic Item

We all need those fashion-basic items in our closet to up our fashion game, irrespective of the occasion or place. Think about it, that plain black T-shirt goes out of style? Or that nude heel? that plain kurti?  They never go out of style. These items may not look significant at first glance, but they can be your lifesaver. Investing in such basics can never fail you, as they never go out of style.

As simple as a jutti shoe looks, its versatility is no joke. They can fit right with any of your styles and any occasion. It's a valuable investment to add to your ‘fashion basics wardrobe’. Gifting such a beautiful thoughtful gift can strengthen your relationships. 

Jutti can be your best friend for the everyday and special day:

The talk of jutti shoes being a versatile item is not all bluff. Whether you want to wear it every day to your office, in a casual meetup with your friends, or leave everyone in awe at that family function, a pair of designer punjabi jutti can be your perfect friend. 

A leather Jutti with an intrinsic design can never fail you, irrespective of the event that you are dressing for. An embroidered bridal jutti can be the best thing on your special day. The punjabi jutti for girls can give you that ethnic look to wear to your college and slay. 

Everyday wear:

On an everyday basis, that heel might not be the most comfortable choice. But plain sneakers or chappals might not be satisfying fashion needs of yours. That's where Jutti shoes can be your knight in shining (or in our case, embroidered) armor. This mojari for women can be your go-to pick for the day without rampaging through the closet to find the pick for everyday use. 

The Jutti or mules are footwear with flat soles and designer front feet cover. It gives comfort to your feet and at the same time, looks beautiful with the designs on the front. These designs can be embroidered or studded with delicate embellishments. 

Formal Events: 

Mule shoes for women can be perfect for those formal events that you might need to attend. The mules at Kala India are available in the collection of Sound of Forest and other embroidered forms. It looks creative and elegant to fit the occasion well. 

Festive events:

Throughout the year we attend various festive events for our family and friends. Whether it is a birthday party, a family function for festivals or weddings, or your friend's wedding or other important function. If you love fashion and want to look well-styled at these events, jutti shoes are your perfect fit. 

Kala India has an astonishing range of designer punjabi juttis and mules for women that you can style to enhance the impact of your outfit and rock the party. 

Styling the Jutti and Mule collections at Kala India: 

There is a spectacular collection of Jutti and Mules on the website of Kala India. These jutti shoes are designed to fit your need for stunning footwear for every occasion. Whether you want a simple design for an elegant look or jazz up the outfit with some dramatic juttis, they have the perfect jutti shoes or a mule. 

Here are the collections provided by Kala India to help you find what fits you well. 

Unveiling Her:

Who doesn’t love delicate embroidery with stunning embellishments styled carefully on the jutti shoes? Style these embroidered juttis with your kurtis and Anarkali and slay the show at that function. 

The zardosi and phulkari embroidery, with the chikankari style studding, make the perfect match for your traditional avatar. When styled with a simple hairstyle and makeup, one can pull off that effortless punjabi kudi look.  

Vrindavan tales:

Inspired by the traditional tales of India, these designs give elegant vibes with bridal juttis. These can prove to be the perfect shoes for a wedding function and enhance your delicate beauty. 

The floral designs and embroidered scenarios can be oh-so-beautiful and fit the occasion well. These bridal juttis can be meaningful and beautiful to adorn on your special day. 

Sounds of Forest:

This collection captures the beauty of nature and forests. The designs are elegant and vibrant with an artistic touch to them. One can wear them at festive functions as well as formal events. 

The mule shoes for women available in this collection are easy on your feet and multipurpose. 


As the name suggests, this collection meets all your khwahishien (desires) for your special day. These leather juttis are designed for brides. The bridal juttis have delicate floral embroidery giving elegant vibes. 

The combination of vibrant yet softer colors with embroidery and embellishments makes a bomb combination for the bridal look you desire with comfort. Styling up with soft or neutral makeup can contribute to being the star of the show. 

Suraj Mukhi:A delicate floral design inspired by sunflowers adorning the softer color of the leather jutti just feels surreal. It is a perfect punjabi jutti for girls for college, office, and other casual events. 

The pastel color of the jutti shoes with the embroidered petals of flowers is ideal for an everyday effortless elegant look. It can add that splash of drama to your everyday look. 

Gifts are a way to let our loved ones know that they are important to us and we care for their well-being. Gifting a thoughtful gift can cement your relationships and make them stronger. Footwear can be a valuable gift to style on multiple occasions. Jutti shoes can be styled in multiple ways to elevate a person's charisma. Explore an astonishing collection of Jutti Shoes and Mule Shoes for women.